Product Liability Disputes / Sale of Goods

Product Liability Disputes / Sale of Goods

We regularly act for businesses in relation to issues regarding sale of goods and product liability disputes.

These range from isolated incidents to the supply of large quantities and high value claims.

These can arise for businesses that produce goods for others, or businesses that require the supply of goods from other businesses.

Sale of goods disputes are essentially contractual disputes, and invariably involve an investigation of contractual documents, including standard terms and conditions, to identify the terms of the contract.

In the absence of written terms, statutory implied terms may be relevant to the dispute. The claim is also likely to require expert evidence to establish whether there has been a breach of contract or defect in the goods.

The other element in investigating the available remedies for such a claim.

We regularly advise businesses in relation to both claims that they wish to investigate against others, and businesses against whom claims have been threatened.

We also act for businesses in dealing with product liability issues and possible liability under the Consumer Protection Act or the law of negligence. In serious cases this can involve product recall. These issues can affect manufacturers, suppliers, distributors or retailers.