Directors’ Liability

Directors’ Liability

One of the major benefits of a company is that it exists as a legal entity in its own right, and so ordinarily, its liabilities will not extend to its directors or employees.

In certain circumstances, however, this standard rule will not apply and a director can become personally liable for company debts.

Under the laws of England & Wales, companies can indemnify their directors against certain types of financial loss arising from an allegation made against them while acting in their capacity as a director. Ideally, an indemnity of this kind should be outlined within the company’s constitutional documents.

It is strongly advisable that the company has a directors’ and officers’ liability insurance policy (“D&O insurance”) in place. D&O insurance is designed to protect directors and officers of a company from losses resulting from claims made against them in relation to the discharge of their duties.

A company is allowed to purchase insurance for its directors against any liability attaching to them in connection with any negligence, default, breach of duty or breach of trust by them.

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