Insolvency Disputes

Insolvency Disputes

We have wide experience in advising on and acting in disputes that relate to insolvency issues.

These can arise in relation to a business that is undergoing financial difficulties and requires advice on steps that it should take, or in relation to businesses that have dealings with businesses that are in financial difficulties. This can include termination of contractual arrangements or action required to protect a position.

We also have experience in advising and acting for Insolvency Practitioners in bringing claims under the Insolvency Act 1986 and other litigation for claims such as misfeasance, wrongful trading and insolvent trading.

In such cases we are mindful of limitations on budget in investigating claims and are prepared to consider alternative fee arrangements in suitable cases.

We regularly advise directors in relation to claims that may be threatened against them and their potential liabilities.

We also advise businesses in relation to recovery of unpaid stock under retention of title clauses in standard terms of business that can, on occasion, lead to disputes and potentially court proceedings regarding the validity, scope and subject of the provision.