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Q – I have recently got engaged and am in the process of planning a Summer Wedding. I really want to get married on the beach in West Wales. Is this possible?

A – Couples who choose to marry in Wales, or England, can get married in a register office, a building of the Church in Wales (or Church of England), military chapels or other approved premises with a license. Wedding ceremonies in the Wales, and England, cannot be conducted outdoors, al fresco.

If you are looking for a venue with a difference, such as the beach, the current law does not, sadly, permit this. The Government has commissioned a review, conducted in 2015, which reported that wedding laws in Wales, and England, are in need of modernisation, including a relaxation of the law in relation to qualifying venues. There is no bill before Parliament, currently, implementing the changes and it may be some time before we see Weddings on Welsh beaches.

In the meantime, if you wish to have a wedding outside you may want to consider the following options:

If you are getting married according to the rites and ceremonies of the Jews or Society of Friends, you may get married anywhere in Wales, or England, including on the beach.

Alternatively, you can have a ceremony on the beach with friends and family. This is not a legally binding wedding ceremony, however, and you will also need to have a separate legal ceremony.

Many foreign countries allow wedding ceremonies to be conducted outside, including on the beach.

For further information you can visit www.gov.uk/marriage-abroad.

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