GDPR has arrived - Are you ready?

Berry Smith has compiled a useful checklist for organisations to help them determine if they are compliant with GDPR.

  • Are a Data Controller, Data Processor, both or don’t know?
  • Have you carried out a data audit, documented the Personal Data you hold and are aware of:

               The reasons for processing it?

               Where it came from?

               Who you share it with?

               How it is stored?

GDPR - Just 1 Week To Go!!

On the 25th May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force across the European Union and Berry Smith are asking one question:


It is essential that businesses understand that it is not enough to just comply with GDPR but they must also be able to demonstrate their compliance. This is known as Accountability (Article 2.1 GDPR).

Accountability is achieved by ensuring that the key GDPR principles are not only embedded within your organisation but also having in place the appropriate and necessary documentation and policies.

Seven Steps for SMEs - European Commission's guidance on GDPR

It is now less than 2 weeks before GDPR goes live, yet many organisations, particularly smaller businesses and companies, are not yet adequately equipped for the changes and challenges they face.

Dan Dowen, commercial and IP solicitor, takes a look at recent guidance issued by the European Commission as to how SMEs should be approaching GDPR.

After months of discussing GDPR with our clients, one of the more common questions comes from small businesses who do not handle personal data as a core business activity who ask “does GDPR apply to me and my organisation?”.