Planning for the Future: A practical checklist to help SMEs prepare for returning to work post lockdown

As we enter into a new ‘stage’ of the coronavirus world, we have produced a helpful checklist to help you prepare your business for the ‘post lockdown’ era. alongside other members of UK200 Group, an organisation of lawyers and accountants that provide services to a large number of SMEs across the UK.

This checklist is a useful reminder of the key things that need to be in place if you are going to get your business functioning efficiently and effectively; look after your people and your customers; and move your business forward. It poses a series of questions that you might reflect on to consider the various issues that are likely to arise.

The checklist has been structured around the four pillars of business organisation:

  • Operations & technology
  • Finance & resourcing
  • People
  • Marketing & communications

We have also included a section on insurance.

Please download our practical checklist by clicking HERE