Our German Partnership

In a unique development, two forward thinking and innovative law firms, Berry Smith LLP, based in Cardiff, and Leipzig based GRUENDELPARTNER, have combined their resources and formed a new collaborative partnership.

Andrew Bound and Steffen Fritzsche, partners at Berry Smith and GRUENDELPARTNER, respectively, met in Cardiff to formalise the partnership agreement.

This new concept will provide a one-stop-shop approach for UK clients looking to deal in Germany and German companies operating in the UK.

Based on the existing links between the two firms and “bucking the trend” of what has been happening in Europe since Brexit, they have formalised the arrangement that has been apparent in joint corporate and commercial projects between them since 2012, providing commercial and legal advice in both countries.

In the last ten years, Berry Smith has seen a significant increase in the amount of international work undertaken, working with companies based in the UK whose ownership is spread over many countries throughout the world.  Many of the transactions involved an international element and establishing a network of lawyers in local jurisdictions

Andrew Bound explained, “It was through working on such a transaction that Berry Smith and GRUENDELPARTNER first met and for the last five years we have worked together extensively on a series of transactions.” 

Through the experience of working together close links developed and it was quickly discovered that both firms had the same client focus, proactive approach and ethos.

Steffen Fritzsche commented “Berry Smith has become our highly reliable and trusted partner for cross-border business between the UK and Germany. We have been working on a range of matters including transactions, commercial contracts, litigation and corporate financing

After all the years knowing each other and working together it appeared to be a logical step to deepen and formalize the co-operation in order to achieve seamless cross-border legal advice.

“Berry Smith and GRUENDELPARTNER can now provide a one-stop, integrated legal service for businesses that currently trade between Britain and Germany and those that wish to” explained Steffen Fritzsche.

Developing joint projects and strategies in the UK/German market will provide additional service quality for our clients. Berry Smith and GRUENDELPARTNER are very comparable law firms in terms of structure and client base with a similar approach to quality and trust for our clients

Andrew Bound confirmed that “the establishment of our dedicated team to provide these services is the attractive solution for our growing international client base.  We have already seen the benefits of this association that has been in place for several years and which are now looking to roll out to a larger audience.”

These two law firms have taken a very positive step and are looking to foster trade between the UK and Germany, working with existing clients who work in the other firm’s jurisdiction but also looking to build upon their client bases given their sector and geographical, jurisdictional expertise.

With the future looking potentially uncertain for many companies and organisations in Europe, Berry Smith and GRUENDELPARTNER are taking a bold and positive step into the future with this exciting collaboration.

Key Contact

Andrew Bound - Partner

Andrew Bound – Partner