Left behind

Q I was married for 26 years. My husband left me 3 years ago for a woman with young children and, last year, they bought a house together. He says he has no money to help me out but, while I have been unable to afford any holidays since then, he has taken his new family to Spain for the fourth time. He refuses to tell me where he is living and my children are grown up and do not have a good relationship with their father and therefore, I do not know his current address and consequently am unable to divorce him. What can I do?

A If you are unable to locate his address through friends or family, a solicitor would be able to employ a tracing agency, relatively cheaply, to track down his new address. The solicitor would then be able to apply, for a minimal fee for copies of the Land Register and discover when the house was bought, for how much and in whose names it is held, which will inform and assist you in negotiations.

Once you have his address, then you can start the divorce process and ask for financial disclosure from him with a view to resolving your mutual finances. If he fails to engage, then you would also be able to issue financial proceedings which would then oblige your husband to disclose and cooperate.

Whilst it does add complications if he and his new partner have spent joint monies on providing a home for themselves, further delay will not help your situation. I would recommend that you see a solicitor immediately.

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