Government help for women starting and growing businesses

Female entrepreneurs are being helped to grow their businesses by a new set of government schemes.

The measures are part of the Small Business: GREAT Ambition campaign which aims to help small businesses survive and thrive as the economy continues to recover.

Part of the campaign is targeted specifically at female business owners, with various tools and benefits being made available. Female business owners in rural areas have already received £1.6m in support.

Now a fund of £1m has been spent on a superfast broadband connection which can be accessed by female entrepreneurs, enabling them to grow their brand more easily, explore foreign markets and manage their time without frustrating delays.

Equalities Minister Nicky Morgan said: “There are thousands of women running some amazing small businesses all over the UK. This fund will give them the practical help needed to get their businesses online and take advantage of superfast broadband. This will include online mentors, business clubs and training courses.”

The government has also made grants of up to £2,000 available for marketing costs, and self-employed parents will be helped by the introduction of Tax Free Childcare next year.

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