Secured Lending

Secured Lending

Lenders will often require a legal charge over any properties put up for security. This is to secure the sums owed to them. They will also sometimes require a debenture to ensure they have security over the business’ assets and personal guarantees may also be required if the business is a limited company. 

It is therefore vital that you obtain legal advice before signing any legal charge.

How Can We Help?

We advise on all aspects of lending for commercial property work with particular prominence in development and significant lending projects.  We regularly act for banks and other institutional investors in relation to property investment and development. We provide advice on funding for both commercial and residential property and secured lending involving loans from banks, breweries and petrol companies for example.

We can report to lenders on title to protect their interests and will ensure they have the correct level of security in place. We can also report to borrowers on the terms of the security they are entering ensuring the terms are no more onerous than necessary. 

We have significant experience in this area and we will help you in finding the right solution for your needs to provide peace of mind. We are able to draw upon the expertise within our corporate and commercial teams to deliver you a rounded seamless service.

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