Debt Recovery

Commercial Debt Recovery

We have a long track record in acting for businesses in commercial debt recovery.

We operate an easy to use system that includes:

  • Issuing letters before claim
  • Serving Statutory Demands for the recovery of debt where appropriate
  • Issuing Court proceedings for the recovery of the debt
  • Entering judgment in default
  • A full range of enforcement methods

All of the above are provided either at a fixed cost or at a low percentage of the debt in the event of successful recovery.

We are flexible in our pricing, depending on the profile of our client’s commercial debt and the amount of debts that they would like us to recover.

We can also provide a tailor-made reporting service, and we can help advise you on your internal procedures in chasing outstanding debts.

A further advantage of our service is that if the case is defended we can refer your case to our experienced Dispute Resolution team that will advise and represent you in the case.

In the event that the case is defended in the Small Claims Court, we can also represent you in those proceedings at a fixed cost [link to section on Small Claims].

We are happy to discuss your requirements and how we can assist.

Please contact us at or 02920 34 55 11.

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