Business Startup

Business Startup

Terms and Conditions of business

A new business startup need to have Terms and Conditions governing the way it sell goods or provide services. Terms and Conditions should be tailored to suit the specific needs of the business with consideration being given to the type of customer involved. A business should consider whether it trades with consumers or other businesses, since these different relationships will need to be dealt with in the Terms and Conditions. The Terms and Conditions will need to establish the obligations of both parties and care should be taken to ensure that all provisions are legally enforceable. At Berry Smith, our expert commercial team has a wealth of experience in drafting and reviewing Terms and Conditions and is able to assist all business, big or small, with all their contractual needs.

Advising on contracts

Contracts are a vital part of every business and new businesses often need a variety of contracts put in place dealing with a wide range of commercial arrangements. Berry Smith’s commercial team can provide detailed, specific advice in relation to all business contracts, providing a bespoke drafting service where needed. In addition, the team can provide businesses with a comprehensive review service, when contracts are presented to them from third parties.


The importance of a business’ branding cannot be underestimated, as it conveys the business’ goodwill and reputation to potential customers. A business’ branding can include its trade name, symbol, slogan or anything that identifies a specific product or service. On the start up of a business, consideration should be given to branding and how the branding will be protected. Failure to protect a brand can result in rival businesses trying to benefit from its goodwill and reputation. At Berry Smith, our specialist intellectual property team is able to advise new businesses on all aspects of branding, including the registration and protection of brand-related intellectual property rights.

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