Home Truths – What is the effect of a Home Rights Notice?

Q - Before I met, and later married, my husband of five years, I purchased my home (which I still own in my sole name). I have recently fallen out with my husband and, following a big argument, I asked him to leave. Several days later I agreed to a reconciliation; shortly after my husband returned to the home, I received a letter from the HM Land Registry notifying me that a Home Rights Notice had been registered against my home. When I questioned my husband, he said that it will stop me from being able to throw him out again. Is this right?

Payments in Lieu of Notice from April 2018


Most employers will, at some stage or another, have parted company with an employee by way of entering into a settlement agreement.  Under such an agreement an employee is usually paid a sum of money in return for waiving any potential claims he or she may have against the company.