Essential Commercial Contracts Every Start Up Business Needs

So, after months of planning, researching the market and potential clients, you’ve established your brand name, your business doors are now open and you are ready to supply your goods and services to the world.

The main thought on your mind is probably how long before you make a profit and, I would guess, that the last thing would be considering the commercial contracts that need to be put in place.

However, if you want to protect your business investment, then having the right agreements in place early on is crucial.

The correct contracts will enable you to:

Verbal Variations to Contracts no Longer Enforceable

UK Supreme Court confirms that No Oral Modification clauses are binding. 

The Supreme Court recently ruled that clauses which limit a party’s ability to vary a contract, also known as “no oral modification clauses” (NOMs), are binding on the parties. Subsequently, it was held that a proposed oral variation to a contract was ineffective.