Can calling somebody an offensive name because they are bald amount to sexual harassment?

You have probably read or heard about the recent case in which a former employee won an Employment Tribunal claim against his former employer after his colleague called him a ‘bald c**t’.  Headlines in the media screamed that the Employment Tribunal found the comment to amount to sexual harassment, which inevitably led the general

Webinar - Tackling Mental Health Issues In The Workplace Head-on

Tackling Mental Health Issues In The Workplace

Berry Smith is hosting a virtual training seminar aimed at HR professionals and managers with HR responsibilities which will be hosted by Sarah Alford (Partner), Michael Shutt (Senior Associate) and Caitlin Rees (Solicitor) in the Employment & HR team.

Date: Thursday 30th June 2022       

Annual Leave: FAQs

With foreign travel resuming and the summer months approaching, employers may be receiving a higher number of annual leave requests than usual, from staff that are keen to make the most of missed holidays over the previous 2 years. With that in mind, this article considers some frequently asked questions regarding holiday entitlement in the workplace.