Divorce: be in the know

Benjamin Delve of Berry Smith Lawyers tells us about the routes couples need to take in order to split.

Traditionally, divorce (or dissolution of a civil partnership) in England and Wales is viewed as an adversarial process, with many couples resorting to pointing blame at their partner for the breakdown of their relationship regardless of whether the decision to end the marriage was mutual.

In some instances, the person filing for divorce/dissolution may seek to apportion responsibility for the breakdown of the relationship on their partner.

Can an employee go to the pub while absent from work through sickness?

The recent Employment Tribunal case of Kane v Debmat Surfacing Ltd has gained much attention after an employment judge found Mr Kane was unfairly dismissed, despite him being spotted smoking and drinking while on sickness absence.  While not being a reported case, it does provide some useful guidance.

Mr Kane suffered from a lung condition for which he took a period of sick leave.  On his first day of absence, Mr Kane was spotted in a local pub by a colleague.

HR Guide: Disciplinary Procedures

Unfortunately most employers at some point in time will need to address issues concerning a badly behaved or underperforming employee. This can, understandably, be a daunting task for many employers, especially as slip ups in process and procedure can lead to costly unfair dismissal claims.

It is therefore imperative that employers have adequate policies and procedures in place and these are followed to minimise the risk of potential claims.

This guide seeks to provide some basic steps for employers to consider when commencing a disciplinary procedure.