Employment Law Update: 23rd November 2020 - Furlough: The Extended Scheme

Further to our article published last week regarding the extended furlough scheme, the Government has updated its guidance with regards to the timescales for submitting a furlough claim with HMRC.

Under the extended furlough scheme, employers cannot submit claims more than 14 days before the claim period end date.

The Government guidance helpfully sets out the following table, specifying when claims need to be submitted:

How can I protect my Intellectual Property in the midst of Covid-19?

Covid-19 has presented numerous challenges for many businesses across the nation; including disruptions and delays to supply chains, reduced custom, staffing issues and the overwhelming need to reformulate their business operations to adjust to lockdown rules and restrictions.

The pandemic is very much still ongoing and with the restrictions being intensified and local lockdowns being further enforced, it is evident that we will not see the back of Coronavirus for a long while to come.

Due Diligence, Managing the Covid 19 risk

The Coronavirus pandemic and associated government interventions have affected all aspects of life. The result has been a significant blow to the economy and new challenges for companies. Businesses, more than ever, are required to be agile and to adapt to the new normal when making commercial decisions. Companies contemplating corporate transactions, whether that be an acquisition, disposal or restructure are no different and will need to manage the risks associated with the pandemic.

Employment Law Update - Extension of Furlough Scheme

In a very last minute announcement on Saturday evening, the Prime Minister announced that the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) (or furlough scheme, as we know it) will be extended until December 2020 (although the precise date is unclear). This means that the Job Support Scheme (JSS) that was due to come into effect as of 1st November 2020 has now been delayed until the CJRS comes to an end. The extended CJRS became available as of 1st November.

Set out below is a summary of the extended furlough scheme: