Seeing the Wood for the Trees


Jane Rees, Associate at Berry Smith LLP, considers the steps that can be taken should parts of a tree encroach onto your property.  


Whilst trees can add a great deal of beauty to our surroundings, problems can arise when they are not maintained properly.  So, what can you do if the branches of a tree overhang your property or if the roots / trunk encroach onto your land? 

Extending Redundancy Protection For Women And New Parents: Government Responds to Consultation


In our January 2019 newsletter we addressed the consultation published by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) titled “Pregnancy and maternity discrimination: extending redundancy protection for women and new parents”. Within this consultation the BEIS proposed to the government that women and new mothers who have recently returned to work should be provided with the same redundancy protection as those on maternity leave.