Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay


Landlords must be sure leases are correctly drafted to enable action against tenants who are not paying their rent.

In a challenging environment for landlords, it is vital they are aware of the options available to them should they face a non-paying tenant. When a lease is being drafted, it is important for landlords to discuss with their solicitor the covenants relating to non-paying tenants, which may ease the situation for the landlord should they need to take action in the future.

Rules of the Engagement - Your Guide to Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements

What is a pre-nup?

A ‘pre-nup’, or pre-nuptial agreement, is a legal agreement entered into by a couple prior to their marriage. Usually, the agreement will set out how the couple intend to manage their financial affairs.

We didn’t get a pre-nup, but can we get a post-nup?

Nuptial agreements can be entered into before, or after, the marriage. In fact, an agreement entered into after the marriage can carry more weight (in the event of a dispute) as there is less risk of one party to the agreement feeling under pressure to sign.

A Practical Guide to Recruiting the Right Employee


Sarah Alford, a senior associate specialising in employment and HR law at Berry Smith Lawyers, offers a practical guide to help organisations recruit the right employee

The success of a business often turns on the skill and commitment of its staff.  Therefore, finding the right person for the job is crucial for any organisation. Despite this, the need for   filling a vacant post ASAP often trumps a structured approach to recruitment - especially if there is a need to fill the post quickly due to a surge in activity.

British Airways Is Facing A Record Fine Of £183 Million

"Surprised and disappointed” was British Airways’ (BA) response to the news that, following an extensive investigation into the cyberattack on BA in 2018, they would be the first organisation to be fined by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) for infringements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Let’s recap….