Direct Religious Belief Discrimination


In the case of Gan Menachem Hendon Ltd v De Groen, the Employment Appeal Tribunal (“EAT”) has held that a Nursery worker was not subjected to direct discrimination on the ground of religion or belief when she was dismissed from a Jewish nursery for cohabiting with her boyfriend.

The Claimant, Zelda De Groen, was employed as a teacher by the Respondent, a Jewish nursery which was run in accordance with ultra-orthodox Chabad principles.

Compensatory Rest Break Of 20 Minutes Can Be Interrupted


In the case of Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd v Crawford, the Court of Appeal (“CA”) has held that a worker’s right to a compensatory rest break under the Working Time Regulations 1998 need not be an uninterrupted rest break of 20 minutes where workers fall within a number of “special cases”.

Home Truths

Q. One of my friends has told me that she and her husband have transferred their property to their children to avoid care home fees. Is this something I should consider?

A. If you transfer your property to your children, you have no legal right to continue living in the property. It is only with your children’s agreement that you can remain there.