Berry Smith HR Breakfast Wednesday 12 September 2018


Berry Smith welcomes you to its HR breakfast at our Cardiff Office


The session is aimed at HR professionals and managers with HR responsibilities and will be hosted by Rachel Duncan and Carys Strong, Solicitors in the Employment & HR team.

Rachel and Carys will provide an overview of recent case law and legislation and discuss the implications for your organisation.

The Importance of GP Partnership Agreements

In this bulletin, the Berry Smith Healthcare team discusses the importance of a GP Practice having in place a Partnership Agreement along with the issues faced by a Practice having an outdated or badly drafted agreement.

No Partnership Agreement

Some Practices do not have a Partnership Agreement in place.  This lack of clarity and detail around the relationship between the partners can lead to disagreements and even put the practices NHS contract at risk.

Berry Smith Acts in Court of Appeal Decision on Welsh Planning Policy


Berry Smith’s Property Litigation Team has recently represented a national property developer in the Court of Appeal, in a case which provides significant clarification on the nature of planning law for proposed retail developments in Wales.

Our client proposed to develop a local motorway petrol station into a full roadside service area. However, in August 2016, the Planning Inspector refused the application for planning permission.

Essential Commercial Contracts Every Start Up Business Needs

So, after months of planning, researching the market and potential clients, you’ve established your brand name, your business doors are now open and you are ready to supply your goods and services to the world.

The main thought on your mind is probably how long before you make a profit and, I would guess, that the last thing would be considering the commercial contracts that need to be put in place.

However, if you want to protect your business investment, then having the right agreements in place early on is crucial.

The correct contracts will enable you to:

Meet the Wills and Probate Expert

Probate and Wills

Our team of experts explains the ins and outs of wills and probate

What is a will?

A Will is a legal document which expresses what you would like to happen to your possessions and assets (commonly know as your estate) on your death.

In addition to dealing with what you would like to happen to your estate, it will also enable you to appoint those people you want to look after your affairs after your death and ensure that the wishes as contain in your Will are carried out. These people are called executors.

Verbal Variations to Contracts no Longer Enforceable

UK Supreme Court confirms that No Oral Modification clauses are binding. 

The Supreme Court recently ruled that clauses which limit a party’s ability to vary a contract, also known as “no oral modification clauses” (NOMs), are binding on the parties. Subsequently, it was held that a proposed oral variation to a contract was ineffective.

Is Your Brand Protected?

If your brand name or logo is important to you, consider trademark protection

When starting up a new business there are so many things to think about, from deciding your legal entity to who provides the office stationary. The mammoth task of decision making required at this stage can be overwhelming and vital considerations can often slip under the radar.

Caste will not be a protected characteristic

The issue of Caste is incredibly complex and one that is difficult to define due to conflicting opinions as to its origin and its links to religion.

In the most general sense, Caste systems typically divide people into a social hierarchy which is fixed from birth. Many of those assigned to a Caste have faced discrimination and have called for Government action, in particular with regard to amending the Equality Act which does not at present expressly prohibit discrimination on this basis.