Inheritance tax review could help first-time home buyers

A review of inheritance tax thresholds could make it easier for parents to give their children money to buy a home, fund their education or set up a business.

Currently, the maximum sum that can be gifted tax free is £3,000 a year. Any additional funds are subject to 40% inheritance tax if the donor dies within seven years of making the gift.

The threshold has been frozen since 1981, when £3,000 would have been enough for a deposit on the average home. 

Payments in Lieu of Notice from April 2018


Most employers will, at some stage or another, have parted company with an employee by way of entering into a settlement agreement.  Under such an agreement an employee is usually paid a sum of money in return for waiving any potential claims he or she may have against the company.

Is it time that you introduced an Adverse Weather Policy?

It has been estimated that the ‘Beast from the East’ cost the UK economy £1bn for each day that it wreaked havoc. Since then, we have been, quite literally, snowed under with enquiries from employers looking to mitigate the cost of lost business hours.  It is a thankless task advising clients that (because they didn’t give advance thought to the problem) their options are now very limited.