Christmas Do’s (and Don’ts) for Employers


With the festivities soon to be in full swing, too many employers will be letting their guard as well as their hair down this Christmas. The aftermath of the office party can be open season for employment claims.  In legal terms, no other time of year should come with quite so many health-warnings.  We set out some tips below to make sure your office festivities go like a dream – and not the nightmare before Christmas!

The engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

With the recent announcement of their engagement, and with the wedding set for May 2018, lots of changes have been taking place.

Meghan Markle has quit her job on Suits, moved to London and will even be baptised shortly into the Church of England before tying the knot next year.

One has to wonder whether they will also be considering a Prenuptial Agreement to protect the royal purse or indeed Meghan’s estimated net worth of $5m. (Wealthy Gorilla 2017).