Move to bring ‘outdated law’ on wills into 21st century

The law governing the writing of wills needs to be updated to reflect modern understanding of dementia and mental capacity.

The government should also consider the introduction of electronic wills and reduce the age for making a will from 18 to 16.

Those are some of the recommendations from the Law Commission in a public consultation about how the will writing process should be brought into the 21st century.

First Minister Launches Overseas Plan at Annual Event which is supported by Berry Smith

First Minister Announces Launch of Overseas Plan at Cardiff School of Management Annual Event which is supported by Berry Smith

First Minister Carwyn Jones has announced the expansion of the Welsh Government’s overseas operations to boost trade and inward investment post-Brexit.

Speaking on Wales after Brexit at The Forum annual lecture, he revealed how the Welsh Government will open offices in Canada, France, Germany and Qatar next year to help protect existing markets, pursue new trade and investment opportunities and promote Wales to the world.

Wales Loses Out On The Abolition Of Stamp Duty!!

The Chancellor of the Exchequer abolishes Stamp Duty for most first-time home buyers in his first Autumn Budget

Whilst the announcement of the abolition of Stamp Duty on properties costing £300,000 or less is to be welcomed, since anything to help first time buyers into the housing market is to be applauded, it will be interesting to see if it causes a rush to buy in Wales.

Don't risk a family split as you hand over your business

If you’ve worked hard to build up a successful business it’s only natural that you wish to hand it on to your sons or daughters.

However, there are several risks involved.

In some ways, succession plans involving family members are more likely to cause problems than handovers involving complete strangers. With strangers, people tend to be cautious and get legal advice; with family they often rely on goodwill and a muddle through attitude.

Seller entitled to overage payment on housing development


Contracts should always specify the precise details of the terms and conditions relating to payments, duties, timescale etc.

However, sometimes the courts can rule that a term is implied in an agreement even though it hasn’t been put in writing, as happened in a recent case involving the sale of land.

The seller gave a property developer an option to buy some land on condition that he used all reasonable endeavours to obtain planning permission for the development of eight houses.