Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015 – an update

The Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act (SBEE) received Royal Assent in March 2015. Almost two years on and the vast majority of the SBEE has now been phased in gradually, which has had numerous implications for companies.

In this update we will break down the main corporate aspects of the SBEE and the current status of their implementation.

Register of people with significant control

Woman wins appeal over contact arrangements with her niece


A woman has established her legal right to have contact with her niece who lives abroad with her father.

The court heard that the girl’s mother, who was English, had met the father while visiting Corfu. She moved there to live with him and they were married. The girl was born in 2007.

The marriage failed and, in January 2008, the mother and daughter moved to England to live in a house owned by the aunt. The father remained in Corfu. The couple divorced in 2014.

Ministry of Justice review downplays impact of Employment Tribunal fees

Employment - Performance

The eagerly anticipated outcome of the Ministry of Justice’s (MOJ) review into the introduction of Employment Tribunal fees has been published. It’s finding that there is “no conclusive evidence that individuals are prevented from pursuing claims” is likely to be controversial.  The MOJ does however concede that individuals may be “discouraged” as a result of the fees.