Safeguard your future with a lasting power of attorney

People are being urged to safeguard their future as the population ages by taking out a lasting power of attorney (LPA).

The Law Society says that with people living longer, it’s vitally important that we plan ahead because there may come a time when we can no longer make vital decisions about our finances and our care.

An LPA enables you to choose to give someone you trust the power to act on your behalf in situations which you specify. They are your attorney.

House prices in the UK rose by more than 8% over the last year

House prices across the UK rose by 8.2% in the year to April, bringing the value of an average property to £209,054.

On a monthly basis, prices rose by an average 0.6% between March and April.

Looking at England alone, there was annual price increase of 9.1%, which takes the average property value to £224,731. Monthly house prices rose by 0.7% between March and April this year.

Wales showed an annual price increase of 1.7%, which takes the average property value to £139,385. However, prices fell by 1.9% between March and April.

Family company wins dispute over £35m investment

A family company has won a dispute over a £35m investment that a businessman claimed had been given to him as a gift.

The family had signed an agreement with the businessman to fund half of a deposit to secure a contract for the supply of oil. He had claimed to be able to secure the deal and to have already paid the other half of the deposit.

The claimants transferred £35m to a Swiss bank account, which they believed was the account of the oil supplier. The deal did not proceed so they agreed to pursue an alternative joint venture and signed new agreements and guarantees.

Fingerprint expert wins unfair dismissal claim against police

A fingerprint expert who was sacked after making a mistake has won her unfair dismissal claim against the police.

Fiona McBride was one of four specialists who said a fingerprint found at a crime scene was that of an investigating officer who had been told to stay away from the premises. This turned out to be wrong and all four experts were suspended from duty.

They were reinstated following an investigation but weren’t allowed to resume their normal duties.

Moratorium for failing businesses could ‘damage creditors’


A government proposal to have a 90-day moratorium for failing businesses could have serious consequences for creditors, according to the Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM).

The warning comes from CICM Chief Executive Philip King in response to a review of the corporate insolvency framework being undertaken by the Insolvency Service (IS).

Tycoon agrees to pay ex-wife £300,000… 20 years after divorce

A businessman who earned all his wealth several years after divorcing his wife has agreed to pay her £300,000 in a belated settlement.

Dale Vince and Kathleen Julie Wyatt separated in 1984 when they were both in their early 20s. They divorced in 1992. Mr Vince was penniless at the time but went on to become a millionaire after setting up a business creating energy from wind power.

Berry Smith support RNLI’s Sail Day

Berry Smith sponsored 2 yachts at this year’s sail day.  The 15 mile race started at Penarth Pier and the course plotted a route across the Bristol Channel.

Over 20 yachts took part, helping the RNLI to raise over £24,000 at one of its largest fundraising events in South Wales. 


Tiger II


Image L-R: Richard Edwards of Aevitas Wealth Limited, Jane Rees and Simon Care of Berry Smith, Joanne Macnamara of Hyrax Resourcing Limited and the skipper, Sally Livsey Davies.

EU employment directives remain in place during Brexit process

The referendum vote to leave the European Union could have a significant effect on UK employment law although there will be no change in the short term while the Brexit process is taking place.

It means EU law relating to matters such as TUPE, Working Time Regulations and Agency Workers will still apply over the next two years and possibly longer. British courts and tribunals will continue to apply these regulations in the light of EU directives.