Most people still prefer to ask a solicitor to write their will

The vast majority of people still prefer to ask a solicitor to write their will, according to new research by Will Aid.


The number of people consulting solicitors about their will has risen by 2% over the last four years. Meanwhile, the number of people using will writers instead has fallen from 17.9% in 2008 to only 10.5% in 2015. The number of people using banks and other organisations to draw up their will has fallen from 8.7% to 5.9% over the same period.


New measures to end gender pay gap and promote equal opportunity

The government has announced the latest measures in its campaign to eradicate the gender pay gap within a generation and to provide more opportunities in the workplace for women and ethnic minorities.


Legislation to prevent discrimination and promote equality has been in place for more 40 years but women still earn less on average than men.


Prime Minister David Cameron says discrimination in any form is unacceptable and so the government is now planning new measures including:


How the new right to rent checks will affect private landlords

The Home Office has released details of how landlords will be expected to carry out right to rent checks to make sure tenants are entitled to be in the UK.


From 1 February 2016, you will be affected if you are a private landlord, have a lodger, are sub-letting a property or are an agent appointed by a landlord to carry out right to rent checks.


If you come under any of these categories then you will need to:


  • Check adult tenants will live in the property as their only or main home.