‘Aggressive’ father granted sole parental responsibility for his son

An “aggressive” father has been granted sole parental responsibility for his son, even though the court had concerns about his parenting skills and his hostile attitude towards social workers.


The court heard that the 12-year-old son had been cared for by his father until 2012 when he was left alone at home and a fire broke out. This led to boy being taken into foster care.


Court upholds compulsory buy-out of minority shareholder

The Court of Appeal recently upheld a decision that a minority shareholder was not unfairly treated when his former colleagues decided to buy him out against his will.


The court heard that the business had been subject to a management buy-out from its previous owner. It was structured as a limited liability partnership with a comprehensive shareholders’ agreement.


Family plagued by nuisance neighbours awarded £155,000

A couple who were plagued by nuisance neighbours after buying a farmhouse have been awarded £155,000 damages.


The court heard that the farmhouse had originally been owned by the family causing the trouble. They had sold it when the father had reached retirement. They retained the next-door cottage.


The farmhouse was eventually bought by a couple who used it as their holiday home.


The neighbours resented this and started to carry out acts of harassment against the couple over a number of years.


Wife gains better divorce settlement due to husband’s inheritance

A wife has had her divorce settlement increased because her husband inherited money after the original sum was agreed.


The couple had been married for nine years and had two children. Their main asset was their home, which was worth £190,000. They were both on low incomes and received tax credits.


Our ‘Wheels of Justice’ roll in to Runnymede!

Our ‘Wheels of Justice’ cycling team, comprising lawyers from our Transaction & Business Services and Dispute Resolution teams, successfully completed their gruelling 165 mile bike ride from our Cardiff office to Runnymede on 14-16 June 2015.

The ride was being undertaken to commemorate the 800th anniversary of the sealing of the Magna Carta, a document widely acknowledged to be one of the foundations of our legal system and other legal systems around the World. 

Ban on exclusive zero-hours contracts takes effect

The ban on exclusivity clauses in zero-hours contracts has now come into force.


It means that employees can no longer be tied to a company that may not have any work to offer them.


The ban took effect on 26 May as part of the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015.


The measure was introduced because some firms, including recruitment agencies, had been using exclusivity clauses to prevent an individual from working for another employer, even if the firm had nothing to offer them for long periods.


How will new Bills in Queen’s Speech impact on businesses in Wales?

The Queen’s Speech outlined several Bills that could have an impact on the business sector in Wales, that is of interest to us as solicitors and our clients.


The government says the main theme behind most of its proposals is to strengthen the UK’s competitiveness and to create conditions that will enable companies to create more jobs.


These are some of the main proposals:


Enterprise Bill