Berry Smith’s Professional negligence team rectifies defective title

Our professional negligence team have successfully represented co-owners in a claim for professional negligence against their former solicitors who acted for them in the acquisition of their family home.


The property consisted of a detached house with a large plot of land to the rear (including an Olympic sized manége).   Several years after the purchase they discovered that they had not been registered as the owner of the plot of land to the rear as it had not been included in the contract for sale, even though then Seller had agreed that it should have been sold.

Marriage Foundation wants to modernise ‘outdated’ divorce law

The Marriage Foundation has launched a manifesto calling on political parties to consider the need to reform divorce law.

The Foundation, which is led by one of the country’s senior family judges, Sir Paul Coleridge, believes current law is outdated and out of step with modern life. The call for change coincides with two recent high-profile cases that seem to show differing attitudes towards divorce settlements.

Recent case law

Government to tighten up the Prompt Payment Code to aid business debt recovery

The government is tightening up the Prompt Pay Code (PPC) to encourage firms to pay invoices quicker and so improve cash flow for smaller firms. The intention is to act as an incentive for business debt recovery.

Business Minister Matthew Hancock says the PPC will now promote 30-day terms as standard and introduce a 60-day maximum limit. Unless firms can show there are exceptional circumstances that justify longer terms, they will be removed from the list of businesses that have signed up to the code.

What is the reason for the changes?