New poster campaign by the Home Secretary highlights the impact of domestic violence during events such as the World Cup

During the FIFA World Cup, posters will be put up in hundreds of male toilets across England, along with digital adverts on the SKY SPORTS website to highlight the impact of domestic violence on individuals.

It is hoped that the campaign will raise awareness and help avoid incidents by potential perpetrators during a period in which, historically, incidents of domestic violence often rise.

Love is in the air

Recent statistics published by the Office for National Statistics show that there was an increase in the number of marriages in 2012, up from the previous year by 5%.

Whilst the mean age for marriages is 36, the largest number of people getting married in England and Wales are now aged between 25 and 29.  However, interestingly, the greatest rise in marriages is those between the ages of 65 and 69.

New law makes it easier to protect intellectual property

Businesses will be able to protect their intellectual property rights more effectively across Europe and the rest of the world as new legislation comes into effect.

The Intellectual Property Act received the Royal Assent on 14 May. One of its key features is that it enables the UK to implement the Unified Patent Court Agreement, which will make it possible to get a single patent covering most EU countries.

Ministers estimate that this will save UK businesses up to £40m a year.

Developer breached duties and must repay investment money

A property developer who breached his legal duties by failing to spend an investor’s money correctly has been ordered to make a full repayment.

The case involved a property developer and an investor who agreed to set up a golf course in France. The investor provided £500,000 to get the project started in July, 2007. The money was transferred into a currency trader account in the developer’s name.

Government help for women starting and growing businesses

Female entrepreneurs are being helped to grow their businesses by a new set of government schemes.

The measures are part of the Small Business: GREAT Ambition campaign which aims to help small businesses survive and thrive as the economy continues to recover.

Part of the campaign is targeted specifically at female business owners, with various tools and benefits being made available. Female business owners in rural areas have already received £1.6m in support.

Whistle-blowing policeman dismissed after becoming ‘unmanageable’

A police officer has lost an unfair dismissal claim after it was ruled that his conduct in making a legitimate complaint had resulted in him becoming “unmanageable”.

During his time with the police force, the officer made several complaints about the attitude towards victims of rape, child abuse and domestic violence that he witnessed in some of his colleagues.

The complaints were protected disclosures within the Employment Rights Act 1996.

Letting agents must publish fee details or face a fine

Letting agents will have to publish full details of the fees they charge or face a fine under new regulations being introduced by the government.

Ministers say the move will help to ensure a fairer deal for both landlords and tenants.

Under the current regulations, agents have to list their compulsory charges to the tenant. However, if an agent then imposes hidden charges, the sanction against them is little more than being named and shamed on the Advertising Standards Authority website.

Court corrects costly error in family trust document

An extended family have been able to rectify a trust document which would have prevented them benefiting in the way intended when the settlement was first drawn up.

The case involved a farming business. The shares were originally held by a husband and wife team in the 1970s.

The couple put a number of shares into a settlement in 1985. In 1994, they proposed a further settlement to hold the shares in the family company and prevent any shareholders calling for the break-up of the business.

Government to help military personnel on to property ladder

A new strand of the Government’s Help to Buy scheme has been launched, with the aim of helping members of the armed forces to buy their own home.

They can now apply to the Forces to Buy scheme for a loan of up to 50% of their salary to use towards buying a home. It is the first of several benefits that have been incorporated into the New Employment Model for the armed forces.

The intention is to help ease the burden on servicemen and women, and allow them and their families long term security when they leave the forces.

Man compensated for dismissal following homophobic abuse

A man has been awarded £45,000 compensation after claiming he had been unfairly dismissed for confronting a colleague who had repeatedly subjected him to homophobic abuse.

Martin Sheil was an employee of Stena Line Irish Sea Ferries Ltd in Belfast. He was dismissed after an incident involving him and a colleague, who had allegedly made derogatory remarks about his sexuality.