Fixed Fee Divorce/Dissolution Packages

We recognise that budgets vary significantly from one individual to another. To cater for this, we provide a number of fixed-fee divorce packages the details of which are set out below: -

Fixed Fee Divorce Package

£500 plus VAT*

This is a more comprehensive service, for an uncontested divorce. We take the stress out of the process and will complete the forms on your behalf with the information you provide and entirely manage the divorce process for you.

In addition, you will get one hour direct legal advice either on the telephone or face to face (your choice) on any issues which are concerning you relating to your divorce, your children and/or your finances.

WHEN YOU ARE SERVED WITH DIVORCE PAPERS (when you would be known as “The Respondent”)

Please note that the price mentioned above related to a divorce only and NOT to resolving the specialist issues of children and finances.

Where there are finances and children issues to be resolved, you are likely to need some extra help over and above the one hour’s worth of advice mentioned in the packages above.

In addition, even where you have been able to agree a resolution of your financial affairs, you would be strongly advised to have this formalised upon divorce, in an agreed Consent Order to prevent any future disputes in this regard.

If you would like to make an appointment, or receive further information in relation to the above packages please contact us on 01656 645525 or email

Disputed Finances

Given that each case is so variable, negotiation and Court proceedings are charged on a time recorded basis.

Please contact our Family Team on 02920 345511 (Cardiff), 01656 645525 (Bridgend) or for further details of our services and how we can assist you.